Visage Legal Personal Injury & Insurance Photography

Personal Injuries

Home visits. Our personal Injury services are normally provided to your clients in the comfort & convenience of their own home or workplace etc. and at a time that’s convenient for your client,

Custody visits. We are often instructed to photograph injuries sustained by clients who are in custody, and we frequently have to visit those clients who are currently being detained in prison, a young offenders institute, their local police office or occasionally the holding area of their local sheriff court to obtain photographs of injuries while they are still fresh.

Locus Inspections

Accident Locations. We can photograph any Locus as instructed (access dependent) and provide images both with & without measurements as required

Crime Scenes. We are often required to attend crime scenes and liaise with, Legal representatives, Police officers, and Key holders etc. to obtain photographic evidence required by defence solicitors


Insurance photography

Damage Inspections. We can photograph any vehicle or property damage as instructed (access dependent),  to assist in the assessment of any claims for damages to property, We can then provide digital images (by email), or 6”x4” prints both with and without measurements as required

Surveillance. We can obtain  video and photographic evidence, of any individual or vehicle etc. to assist in the determination of an insurance claim for personal injuries or property damage, and provide digital images on 6”x4” prints and footage on DVD-Rom or USB media.